Moxima Gama

LIFE: The success in failure

When it comes to failure our egos are our own worst enemies, writes Moxima Gama. Successful people fail too, but they do not accept it as a verdict. They see it as an opportunity.

This article originally appeared in the 22 May - 28 May 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

COVER – Commodities: To buy or not to buy?

The commodities sector looks “extremely undervalued” in comparison to the rest of the market. Investors are wondering whether the timing is appropriate to buy resource stocks. Analysts weigh in.


PROPERTY: Middle class battle with upfront payments

Emerging middle class buyers battle to afford the extra upfront costs of property buying.


MONEY: 10 things you should know before marriage

One of the leading causes of divorce is money. It is important that couples plan their finances accordingly for marriage.

Employee 3

MANAGEMENT: Reduce employee turnover

High employee turnover can have severe consequences on your business. Background screening is necessary to hire high-quality candidates.

Online home

INSIGHT: Online streaming should be taxed

Online streaming should be taxed for the benefit of the South African economy. The “Significant digital presence” test may be necessary for digital giants to pay their fair share of taxes.

Attie Anderson 2

PROPERTY: Impact of interest rates on commercial property

The impact of interest rates on commercial property will depend on scale and frequency of rate increase, says Attie Anderson of FNB Commercial Property Finance.


OPINION: Making insurance easier

What should one expect when making an insurance claim? Rory Judd of MiWay insurance provides a guide.

Canned food

INSIGHT: SA Inflation – Lower food inflation

South Africa’s inflation was lower than expected, much of this has to do with the low food prices.


INVESTMENT: The three myths of hedge funds

South Africa is the first in the world to offer regulated hedge funds as CISs. together with FSb changes to Regulation 28, hedge funds now have a rightful place within the pension fund space.


MONEY: Invest with a clear mind and not a weak heart

One of the most dangerous things to do would be to invest based on how you feel rather than focusing on the long-term view. Schalk Louw shares some insight.


MONEY: Top reasons insurance claims may not be paid out

The number of insurance claims people are making has increased. However, there is also an increase in the number of claim repudiations. Bertus Visser of PSG Insure gives the five top reasons insurance claims may not be paid out.