Finweek Quiz #80

Let’s give that grey matter a workout! This week one lucky reader stands the chance to win a copy of Douglas Kruger’s ‘Relentlessly Relevant: 50 Ways to Innovate’, which guides business owners away from traditional thinking where customer needs are concerned, setting them on the path to becoming trendsetters in their industries. Good luck!

his article originally appeared in the 6 August 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

COVER: Mining meltdown- can a turnaround save the sector?

Mining companies have announced billion-dollar write-downs, mine closures and thousands of job cuts – but the continuing decline in metal prices means the sector, the world’s worst performer since 2011, remains an “industry in reverse”. Finweek unpacks the reasons behind the “bloodbath” and factors that could result in a turnaround.


INSIGHT: Fuel price decline to benefit consumers

Deeply indebted customers will benefit from the expected decline in fuel prices. Petrol is expected to decrease by 49 cents per litre and diesel is expected to decrease by 70 cents per litre.

Know your customer

BUSINESS: What do customers really want?

Walker study shows customer experience will overtake product and price as a key brand differentiator by 2020. Customer experience is rapidly becoming one of the most important elements of a business’ success.


INSIGHT: Corporate SA should prioritise energy efficiency

With electricity generation being a challenge, corporate SA should step up to embrace better energy management. Companies can make a big difference by implement energy conservation and efficiency measures.


MONEY: One Rand Family’s skhaf’tin life

Last year, we followed the trials and tribulations of the One Rand Man. This year, a family has stepped up to take the challenge. Follow their story, with their skhaf’tin’s running low, see how they rediscover that the best things in life are free.

Online shopping 6

BUSINESS: The brand power of your payment gateway service

With online retail gaining momentum, one of the concerns consumers have is about the security of their transactions. Merchants should work with a trustworthy and respected payment gateway service provider, to ensure credibility to put consumers at ease.


BUSINESS: Three technologies for any growing business

It is important for small businesses to make investments in “technology fundamentals”. James Smith of Vox Telecom advises on these important technologies to help your business grow.


INSIGHT: Expungement helps minor offenders find jobs

Increased qualification fraud means that prospective employers often doubt the honesty of job seekers. Minor offenders find it more difficult to secure jobs. However, expungement of criminal records relating to certain criminal convictions may help them find jobs.

Investing offshore

INVESTMENT: Offshore opportunities despite weak rand

Structured products still offer offshore opportunities even with a weak rand. Chad Fichardt looks at how local investors can access potentially leveraged opportunities in the steady UK market, while enjoying a high potential of capital protection.