Finweek Quiz #69

Take the quiz for the chance to win a copy of ‘Winning the Unfair Fight’ by Sam Hazledine, as featured on page 52 of this week’s magazine (1-7 May edition). Vul die vasvra in vir die kans om ’n kopie van ‘Winning the Unfair Fight’ deur Sam Hazledine te wen, wat op bladsy 52 van vandeesweek se tydskrif (1-7 Mei uitgawe) bespreek word.

Moxima Gama

LIFE: Are you suffering from a mental blockage?

If you’re sluggish and can answer the questions in this week’s column by Moxima Gama, you probably have a mental blockage…


NEWS: SA construction still treading water

Despite government’s plans for infrastructure spending, the construction industry is still under threat given the electricity challenges.


INSIGHT: Reasonable growth expected

Growth prospects for the global economy look good. Nick Skiming and Bharat Batra of Ashburton Investments unpack the outlook for the year ahead and the strategies going forward.

Selection of tools in the shape of a house

PROPERTY: Take caution before undertaking renovations

Before undertaking renovations to raise the sale price of a home, consider that innovations and extras installed may not be to the taste of new buyers, who probably have plans to upgrade their home.


NEWS: Pre-paid meters the solution for defaulting municipalities?

Eskom should give consumers another chance to pay arrears before cutting their electricity supply, say experts. By introducing pre-paid meters, Eskom can bypass municipalities and deal with consumers directly.

Martin Pike

INSIGHT: Filling the skill gap in Africa

Africa’s economic development, linked to the Millenium Development Goals may be revived by the Sustainable Development Goals.


INSIGHT: Can Karpowerships help Eskom bridge the gap?

Turkish company Karpowerships has proposed a plan to bridge the gap for Eskom until the country gets back on its feet. Karpowerships claims that it can add a massive 3 000MW to the grid in just two years.


LIFE: Winning ways to drink your whisky

There seem to be as many recommended ways to drink whisky as there are whiskies, but there are some basics you should get right to make your experience memorable.

financial management

MONEY: Recruiting a personal financial planner

Financial planning can be complex. Nigel Willmott of CFP provides a step by step guide that will help you choose the right financial planner.

House cost

PROPERTY: Slow growth in housing prices benefits buyers

The on-going slowdown in South African home price growth, could benefit less affluent buyers. This is according to ABSA’s 10th April Home Loans Report.


INSIGHT: What does healthcare have for us in 2015?

The digital era has birthed the new “connected” world of empowered consumers and changing expectations, affecting all industries including healthcare.