This article originally appeared in the 2 July 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

COVER: PSG- The Mouton empire powers on

Investment company PSG has grown exponentially in the past 20 years with a market capitalisation of 40b. Finweek contributor Liesl Peyper caught up with group CEO Piet Mouton after the group’s annual general meeting.

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 NEWS: NERSA denies Eskom tariff increase

Nersa has officially denied Eskom’s request for a tariff increase. Read their announcement here.


INSIGHT: Unpacking the concept of alternative investments

In the past, alternative investments were attractive to the very wealthy and big corporates. Today however, more people are seeking alternative investment options. Find out what advantages and risks are involved.


NEWS: Naspers results – what to expect

As Naspers turns 100 years old, what can investors expect from the company which has transformed significantly over the years?


BUSINESS: Best apps and online tools for small businesses

Head of products at MWEB, Rihana Hoosain gives small business owners the low-down on some of the latest and greatest tech solutions to transform their businesses.

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INSIGHT: Mixed feelings about the Retail Distribution Review

According to the Financial Services Board, the Retail Distribution review ensures the fair outcomes to customers and has broader benefits for the financial sector. However some experts dispute the value of having too much regulation.

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ENTREPRENEUR: Don’t underestimate the digital space

Entrepreneurs should not limit business opportunities by failing to understand the power of digital offerings.


PRO PICK: Tax-free saving- The ideal portfolio

Tax-free saving accounts were widely supported by the market but they are only effective if the underlying investment strategy is sound, says Craig Gradidge, Co-founder of Gradidge-Mahura Investments.



Even though the world is becoming more inclined to accessing books using e-readers, some people still like the smell of a new book and the authenticity of actually turning the page. Andrew Berki, has made a business through selling collector’s books for as much as R30 000. Finweek contributors Mandy de Waal and Jon Pienaar spoke to him about his venture.

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NEWS: Mining Wages – Playing a dicy numbers game

As wage negotiations in the mining sector begin, the mining minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has warned companies against playing a “numbers game”. David McKay writes about some battles that are likely to play out during talks.


MONEY 101: 11 hacks to help you save

Financial experts give tips on the unconventional ways they save. From fake flowers in your garden to packing your own lunch for work, saving is simpler than you think.